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LT1 Contactor Accessory
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UP Auxiliary Contacts LT01-DN At necessity the element provide auxiliary number of contacts.They are specially designed for mounting the movable part of the magnetic core of the contactors LT 1K/D Series.

Extending the number of the operative contactors up to 4 in different Combinations
Switches on simultaneously with the other contact system of the contactor
Technical data
*Operation class:AC3
* Insulation voltage:690V
* Joining terminal:screw terminal
* Connecting:
- flexible conductors with or without cable terminal
- rigid conductors
* Mounting:
- on the movable cover of the contactor through pinching
- mounting position:vertical gradient-maximum5
* Plastic:wear resistance of UV rays and non-flammable(self-extinguishing material)

Type LT01-DN02 LT01-DN11 LT01-DN20 LT01-DN22 LT01-DN-40 LT01-DN04 LT01-KN11 LA1-KN22
Number of contacts 2NC NO+NC 2NO 2NO+2NC 4NO 4NC NO+NC 2NO+2NC

Side Auxiliary Contacts LT03-DN11(DN20)
Providing on necessity additional number of plug points and are mounted sideward to the movable part of the magetic cores of contactors of the series LT1 D. Variants with two additional plug points NO and NC are offered.

Expanding the number of the operational plug points
Switching on simultaneously wtih the rest of the contact system of the contactor

Technical data
*Environment operational regime:AC 3
*Insulation voltage:690V
*Double connector:scres connector
-flexible conductors with or without cable end
-solid conductors
*Mounting method:
-mounting position -sideward to the contactor
*Plastic:resistant to UV and non-burning(Self-extinguishing material)

Time Delay Contact Block LT02-Dxx

LT02-Dxx is designed to set time intervals from 0.1 to 180s in different control schemes.It is used most frequently in combination with contactors from LT1-Dxx series to form"star/delta"starters for electrical motor it provides the necessary time for motor winding.

Type LT02-DT0
Number of contacts NO+NC NO+NC NO+NC
Time delay 0.1-3s 0.1-30s 10-180s
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