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HG3B Fuse Disconnecting Switch(3p break simultaneously)
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NH fuse disconnecting switches
For NT and NH fuse links
According to EN60947-1 and EN60947-3
Rated voltage:690V AC/440V DC
Rated currents:160A,250A,400A/630A
Rated insulation voltage:size NH00 to NH3 AC 750V
Rated short-circuit current:50kA AC eff,25kA DC eff
Degree of protection IP 20 with operational status,Ip 10 with open slewing equipment.

Product photo For NH-insert type In A mm2 section of wire mm2 Structure Order No. Fig. Weight(g)
NHfuse disconnecting switches 3 phases bread simultaneously,upper/lower and connection.
NH00 160 70 Pressure plate connecting clamp;screw M8 HG3B-160T Fig.2.2 12500
NH1 250 120 Screw M10 HG3B-250T Fig.2.4 52000
NH2 400 240 Screw M10 HG3B-400T Fig.2.4 63000
NH3 630 2240 Screw M12 HG3B-630T Fig.2.4 70000
NH-fuse disconnecting switches single-phase breaking simultaneously,upper/lower and connection
NH00 160 10-95 Enclosed construction,frame terminal HG3B-160F Fig.2.1 24500
NH1 250 120 Screw M10 HG3B-250F Fig.2.3 52000
NH2 400 240 Screw M10 HG3B-400F Fig.2.3 63000
NH3 630 2240 Screw M12 HG3B-630F Fig.2.3 70000

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