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HH65 (10KA)
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Applicable Range HH65-63 miniature circuit breaker is designed for overload and short circuit protections with current limited high breaking capacity,mainly applied to AC 50/60Hz circuit with rated voltage 400V or less and rated current 63A or less .HH65 series miniature circuit breakers (hereinafter called the breakers)are composed of moulded case,operating mechanism,contact,arc-extinguishin system,trpping mechanism ctc.
Applicable Standards Internationl standard:
IEC 60898 Circuit-breakers for overcurrent protecton for household and similar installation

Main Technical Parameters
a)Ambient temperature
The breakers can work under ambient air temperature-5-+40
The breaker can work under altitude not exceed 2000m;
c)Class of pollution
The class of pollution is Class 2;
d)Mounting type
The mouting type is ;
e)Mounting position
The breaker can be mounted in rail,or horizontally,vertically,it will not decrease their electric features:
f)Environmental protection
Environmental factors are adequately considered in the design of circuit breaker,with many recoverable and degradable materials

Main technical parameters
  rated current rated voltage breaking capability type
normal type 1A-63A 230V/400V 6000kA 1-4p
high breaking type 10000kA
height 1P 2P 3P 4P
normal type 110g 220g 330g 450g
high breaking type 120g 240g 360g 480g
impact voltage 4000V H type 6000V
insulated voltage 500kV
mechine life 20000 times
electrical life 8000 times
environmental temperature -5-+55
defend degree iP20
endure heat characteristic when temperature is 50,the relative temperature is 95%

thermal electromagnetic releasing characteristic

outline and installation dimension

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