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Copper Busbar
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Busbar 1P+N(for DPN MCB & DPN RCBO)
Category Rated current Terminals Length
HBP032/1N 32A 56 1m

Busbar pin type 1P,2P,3P,4P
Category rated current terminal length
HBP063/1 63A 56(55) 1m
HBP063/2 63A 27 1m
HBP063/3 63A 18 1m
HBP063/4 63A 14 1m
HBP125/1 125A 56(55) 1m
HBP125/2 125A 27 1m
HBP125/3 125A 18 1m
HBP125/4 125A 14 1m

Busbar fork type 1P,2P,3P,4P
Category rated current terminal length
HBF063/1 63A 56(55) 1m
HBF063/2 63A 27 1m
HBF063/3 63A 18 1m
HBF063/4 63A 14 1m

End Cap HBC1 HBC2 HBC3 HBC4 Terminal Adaptor HBA1

Busbar 1P+N
shape:pin type
rated current:32A
rated insulating voltage:500V AC
flammability of plastic part:class 1
Busbar 1P,2P,3P,4P
shape:pin type,fork type
rated current:63,125A
rated insulating voltage:500V AC
Flammability of plastic part:class 1

End cap
adaptable to full range busbars
used to insulate the exposed living parts at both ends of busbar
Terminal adaptor
Applicable to busbar for therminal connection
Fixed on busfar insulation part to secure high reliablity
Connection capacity:25mm2
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