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HLB Series Push Button Switch
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These are devices used in control and indication systems adjusted for mounting in command boards and panels directly on DIN-rail.They are manufactured to commutate controlling circuits and to control the switching on or off executive mechnisms such as relays ,contactors,etc.The signal lamps and indicators find broad application in all industrial fields .The devices endure short time current overload up to 20A,and normally the can commutate current up to 10A with their contact system.The connection to the contact terminals is through screw terminals to which operational conductors with section up to 2.5mm2 can be joined.There are also designed buttons combined with lamps.

Technical Data
* Insulation voltage:660v;50/60Hz
* Impulse voltage wear resistance:6000v
* Rated current:up to 10A(230V AC)
* Short circuit protection:safety deice 10A gG outside in the circuit
* Rated consumed current(for indicators and buttons combined with indicators):>20mA
* wear resistance(indicators):>2000h
* Mechanical wear resistance(buttons):1 106 commutation cycles
* Power of mechanical compression:at closing:20N at opening:8N
* Operating temperature: -20+70
* Humidity:35-85% RH
* Tightening moment of the joining conductors:0.15Nm
* Section of the conductor:1 0.5 10.75;11; 11.5 ;12.5 mm2

* TO a DIN-rail
* Altitude:up to 2000m

Type Description Rated current(A) at 400v Colour Type of contacts
HLB-BL-DIN button <10 black 2NO+1 NC
HLB-BL-DIN button <10 black 1NO+2 NC
HLB-G-DIN button <10 green 2NO+1 NC
HLB-G-DIN button <10 green 1NO+2 NC
HLB-Y-DIN button <10 yellow 2NO+1 NC
HLB-Y-DIN button <10 yellow 1NO+2 NC
HLB-R-DIN button <10 red 2NO+1 NC
HLB-R-DIN button <10 red 1NO+2 NC

Type Description Voltage(V) Rated current(A) AT 400v Colour
HLD-G-DIN lamp 12,36,48,110,220V optional <20 green
HLD-R-DIN lamp <20 red
HLD-Y-DIN lamp <20 yellow
HLD-B-DIN lamp <20 blue
HLD-W-DIN lamp <20 white

Type Description Rated current(A) at 400v Colour Type of contacts Voltage(V)
HLBD-G--DIN button+lamp <20 green 2NO+1 NC 12,36,48,110,220V optional
HLBD-G--DIN button+lamp <20 green 1NO+2 NC
HLBD-R--DIN button+lamp <20 red 2NO+1 NC
HLBD-R--DIN button+lamp <20 red 1NO+2 NC
HLBD-Y--DIN button+lamp <20 yellow 2NO+1 NC
HLBD-Y--DIN button+lamp <20 yellow 1NO+2 NC
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