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ZVF11 Series Inverters(1p 220V)
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Technical Indications
Control Mode:SAPWM vector control.
Output frequency range:0.00-400HZ
Instruction Passage Mode:Operator Panel,Terminal Control,Long-distance communication control.
Frequency setting way:keyboard,Analog setting current,voltage signal).Remote supply,Multi Phase speed setting.Terminal assembled.PID closed-loop setting.
Start torque control:0-20% adjustable
Carrier frequency range:1.0K-10KHZ
DC Current Braking control:Start and Stop DC current braking can adjust separately.
Automatism voltage modulate:(AVR):Can keep output voltage invariableness automatically when the power net and voltage changes.
Automatism restrict current:can restrict the Maximum current of the motor.And can protct the inverter and the motor reliably.
PLC program control:Single Cycle,continuous loop,wobbulate control and are fit for all kinds of fileds demand.
Input,output terminal are programmable and convenient for user
analog signals output,voltage and current can be chosed.

Inverter Model Power(KW) Rating current(A) The input voltage(V)
ZVF11-M0004S2 0.4 2.3 220
ZVF11-M0007S2 0.75 4.5 200
ZVF11-M0015S2 1.5 7.5 200
ZVF11-M0022S2 2.2 10 200

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