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K20/K40 Modular Contactor
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Modular contactors K series are used for commutation of mono-phase and three-phase low power electrical consumers.They provide connection between the consumers in small overall dimensions silent work,mounting only at Din-rails.

Switching on of consumers
making of control systems
remarkable with high reliability of current characteristics
reliable switching on or separation of power contacts

Technicaol Data
* Operation class :AC3
* Rared operating voltage of the controlling coil:230V AC;50/60Hz
* Rated operating voltage of the power circuit:up to 690V AC
* Insulation voltage:690V
* Surge voltage wear resistance:>8000V
* Joining terminal :screw terminal
* Connecting:
- flexible conductors with or without cable termial
-rigid conductors
- Mounting:on DIN-rail or mounting position:vertical gradient maximum 5
* Plastic:wear resistance of UV rays and non-flammable(self-extignuishing material)
* Ambient temperature:- 10~60
* Altitude:up to 2000m

Type In Coil voltage(V) Contacts
K20 20A 230 2NO
K20 20A 230 NO+NC
K20 20A 230 2NC
K40 40A/63A 230 2NO+2NC
K40 40A/60A 230 4NO
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